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Meet our Team

Our staff works closely together with their mixed skill sets to achieve the best solutions for you, the customer. Our experienced engineers work around the clock to keep all servers up and running, they even go as far as improving the systems to give the best uptime and customer support. Working so closely together, we value our working environment highly. Having a very casual and open space means that we strive to give every employee the chance to work, grow and enjoy themselves. We like to think enjoyment and job security gives us the best foundation for a great workflow and a strong team.

Our Employees have told us they love working with the extra responsibility. This means they get to fill in their own schedules and create personalized desk environments.

Our great HR-department manages all internal conflicts and makes sure the safety and interest of every employee is supported every step of the way.

As some might like to hear, one of our employees told us:

"The strongest bound a employer can make with its employees, is one of safety and security." - Employee of DRC-Hosting